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The Florida summer heat can be brutal, and anything that helps homeowners manage it can be valuable. The last thing most Martin County homeowners want is to bring in the hot outside air, but don’t discount home ventilation just yet. It can really help to cool your home. Here are three ways to use air to your advantage.

Use Natural Ventilation During the Cool Hours of the Day

On days when the temperature dips in the morning and at night, open lower-level windows and upper-level windows to create a natural current. Because warm air rises and lets cooler air settle toward the ground, the warm air will escape through the higher windows and draw in cooler air from below. You can seal up your home again when the temperature rises.

Use a Whole-House Fan

During the cool hours, you can get a jump-start on cooling your home by drawing in the cool air. It can take as little as 20 minutes to completely cool your home using a whole-house fan. When your air conditioner kicks in, an energy recovery ventilator can help continue to bring in fresh air and exhaust old air without losing the energy used to condition the air.

Run Your Ceiling Fan

The slight breeze generated by a ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect that can make you feel several degrees cooler. This means you can adjust the thermostat a little higher and save energy without sacrificing comfort Just remember that the actual temperature in your room isn’t dropping, you’re just feeling cooler, so turn it off when you leave the room. Otherwise, you’re just wasting energy and cooling dollars.

To learn more about how Martin County homeowners can benefit from home ventilation, give NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating a call! Our licensed HVAC experts are happy to help you stay cool when the sun is blazing.