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Our Premium Protection Plan

Even the finest A/C and air filtering equipment needs servicing from time to time. If your basic warranty is up, you’ll feel the cost. But with NisAir’s signature extended service plans, you won’t have to worry about losing a dime. Our Premium Protection Plan offers the BEST protection for your HVAC in the industry. Our plan will ensure your equipment runs reliably for years to come with all repair costs completely covered.

Are You Covered?

A Premium Protection Plan from NisAir provides you with “Guaranteed Peace of Mind” knowing you’re protected against any unexpected HVAC repairs. It’s even backed by an A-rated insurance underwriter so you and your family can be comfortable knowing you’re fully covered. Our plan provides protection against any unexpected mechanical failures your HVAC system might experience and any and all labor charges associated with repairs. Our extended warranty will also extend any limited parts coverage that is not covered by the manufacturer, including the cost of refrigerant. If you’ve already purchased your system and didn’t purchase an extended warranty, it’s not too late! Premium Protection Plan Extended Warranties can be purchased up to 2 years from the startup of your equipment. Protect your investment, call NisAir to make sure you’re covered!


No Deductible

Our plan is deductible free. One upfront cost covers your equipment for the lifetime of the warranty.

No Limit on Repairs

No matter how many mechanical failures your equipment has, we'll cover it up to the limit of liability.

All Brands Covered

You can purchase our Premium Protection Plan for any and all major brands no matter your equipment.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most competitive prices in the industry. Our plan is equal to only pennies a day!

Fixed Cost

In addition to covering all repairs, our Premium Protection Plan has no deductible and no hidden fees.

Free to Transfer

Moving soon? Our Premium Protection Plan is fully transferable and free of charge.

Home Asset

Because our protection will transfer, all of our warranties become an asset and add value to your home.

Saving You Money

The average HVAC repair cost ranges from $750-$1,200. With our plan, all repairs are covered.

two air conditioning units

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a repair or my system is not working properly?
Call NisAir and we’ll send a service technician out to check on your system.

Do I have to maintain my equipment?
Yes, maintenance is required. Like an oil change for your car, your HVAC system needs to be maintained properly to ensure its performance.

What if the Issuing Dealer is no longer in business?
Contact JB & Associates and they will transfer your warranty to another contractor

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