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Annual service for your heating and cooling system is important for a number of reasons. Taking good care of your heating and cooling system ensures that your home will be comfortable year-round and that your system is operating safely. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system performing at its highest level of efficiency, minimizing energy costs.

Annual service calls in the fall for your heating system and in the spring for A/C can also extend the life span of your system and save you money on repairs throughout that life span, ensuring that potential problems are caught and corrected before they turn into large, expensive ones. During your annual service calls, you can expect your HVAC tech to perform preventive maintenance tasks that include:

  • Inspection and testing of thermostats and other system controls to ensure proper calibration and function.
  • Inspection and lubrication of the blower motor and other moving parts.
  • Heating and cooling systems will be tested to ensure proper start-up and cycling.
  • Air filters will be changed or cleaned, depending upon system requirements.
  • Any system belts will be examined and tightened or replaced as necessary
  • Refrigerant levels will be measured and adjusted for peak system performance.
  • Indoor and outdoor coils will be inspected and cleaned, as will condensate traps and lines.
  • Airflow will be measured to ensure home comfort and reduce equipment wear.
  • All electrical, gas or oil connections will be inspected to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Combustion equipment will be inspected, cleaned and adjusted as necessary to maximize safety and performance.

Making annual service a priority can spare you the hassle of a heating breakdown on a cold winter night or an A/C malfunction on a hot, steamy summer afternoon. Aside from the inconvenience of those situations, they can be costly. Problems that remain undetected until a breakdown occurs are often larger, more expensive ones to repair, and if they happen at night or over the weekend, many HVAC contractors will charge higher rates for after-hours service.

For more information about annual service for your Florida HVAC system, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been serving Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Indian River counties since 1973.