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A Wi-Fi thermostat is more than just a convenience. It can also help you keep your cooling bills down and your home more comfortable in the warm, humid Martin County and Palm Beach County climate.

How a Wi-Fi Thermostat is Different

With a traditional programmable thermostat, you can program in your preferred temperatures for a given time period and the thermostat automatically runs your heating and cooling system to meet those temperatures. To program the thermostat, however, you need to be physically present. A Wi-Fi thermostat can be programmed from anywhere you have internet access. The thermostat is synced up with your Wi-Fi router so you can access it online from a computer or via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Benefits of Remote Thermostat Control

Reliable comfort — Wi-Fi thermostats give you the power to adjust your home’s temperature on the fly when your plans change. If you head home early one day, you can turn on the A/C or heat ahead of schedule to make sure your home is the right temperature when you arrive. If you’ll be out longer than expected, you can turn the system off or choose a more energy-efficient temperature for that period to save energy.

Easy monitoring — The thermostat app sends notices to alert you of when your home’s temperature is rising or falling outside your preferred range and if the thermostat has shut off due to a power outage or some other issue. If you find your home is being over-cooled, you can raise your A/C temperature to avoid wasting energy.

Worry-free travel — Whenever you stay away from home the weekend or longer, you can leave secure in the knowledge that you’ll be alerted if anything goes wrong with your system. You’ll also be able to adjust your home’s temperatures in the event of an unexpected heat wave or cold snap. This is especially useful if you leave your pets.

To enjoy the benefits of a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home, contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating anywhere in Martin County, Palm Beach County or Indian River County.