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When you’re ready to upgrade to a new heating system in your Florida home, whether it’s a furnace, a heat pump or some other option, remember a few basic guidelines. Cutting corners isn’t a good choice when it comes to heat pump or furnace installation. Some of the following tips are unique to furnaces while others apply to both heat pumps and furnaces.

Proper sizing. With any sort of central heating or cooling system, it’s crucial to install a system that’s been sized for your home’s square footage, as well as other characteristics, such as your home’s energy efficiency (airtightness and insulation), type and size of windows, orientation to the sun, etc. Your professional HVAC installer should calculate your home’s heating load before recommending a particular furnace or heat pump. Oversizing an HVAC system is just as bad as undersizing.

Energy efficiency. Furnaces and heat pumps come in a wide range of efficiency levels, and nearly always, the more efficient a system, the more it will cost. With home heating in Florida, it doesn’t make sense to pay more for a high-efficiency gas furnace. With our short heating season, you should be fine with a standard-efficiency model or an all-season heat pump. When shopping for a heat pump, pay more attention to its cooling efficiency (SEER) than heating efficiency (HSPF).

Type of fuel. If you’re looking at furnaces, you’ll need to decide on whether to go with natural gas, propane or fuel oil. If your home is already outfitted with vents and pipes for natural gas, and is connected to an outside gas line, that’s probably your best bet. But also consider switching to a heat pump. A trusted HVAC professional can explain your options.

Advanced features. These days HVAC technology offers a variety of features that enhance both energy efficiency and home comfort. Consider the pros and cons of a variable-speed blower, multi-stage furnace (or condenser) and whole-house dehumidifier.

To discuss heat pump or furnace installation with a qualified professional, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating, providing superior service to Martin, Indian River and Palm Beach counties.