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They come in all shapes and sizes; they come disguised as a maintenance crew, and they do not pick specific times when to hurt you financially. You, the owner, protects your A/C or heat pump system against power surges, and you take steps to avoid wasting energy with your cooling system. But you’re not protected against copper thieves unless you take specific steps.

Copper theft and the sale of this commodity is big business even when metal prices are down. How do you protect your valuable investment against theft of the refrigerant coils in your A/C or heat pump’s outside condensing unit, which contain large amounts of copper? As the old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Here are some tips to protect your outside A/C unit against copper theft.

A Durable Cage

The big advantage of having a lockable cage placed over the condensing unit is that it serves as a physical deterrent. If would-be thieves see an A/C cage, they know they need time to get in, time they don’t have. Companies offer custom-made lockable cages fit to the exact size.

Light It Up

Thieves love working in the dark. Ensure the area around your outside unit has enough light. A motion sensor light is an excellent deterrent. Also, install these lights to shine on areas where thieves can hide at night.

Portable Wireless Video Alarms

The rapid growth in technology has many advantages. Video alarms and motion viewers use sensor technology to send a short video clip to a central station for immediate review, and if necessary, to dispatch police to the scene. This tactic has succeeded in identifying, arresting and successfully prosecuting copper thieves. The motion viewers also can be moved and placed at different angles.

For more expert advice on copper theft prevention, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been serving Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties with expert advice since 1973.