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Heat pumps are excellent sources of efficient, economical home cooling and heating. However, traditional heat pumps can be very bulky and take up a lot of space with ductwork and system components. Ductless mini splits are a convenient alternative for homes that do not have a lot of available space for installing an HVAC system. They are just as powerful as a full-size heat pump but with several advantages a larger unit can’t match.

  • Easier installation: Since ductless mini splits do not require a large network of ducts for air distribution, they are easier to install than traditional heat pump systems. The outdoor unit is about the same size as a standard heat pump, but the indoor components provide the system’s size advantage. Up to four small air handling units are connected to the outside unit through a conduit installed through an approximately three-inch hole in the wall.
  • Flexibility: The indoor units can be placed wherever they are wanted or needed, limited only by the length of the connections to the outside unit. Each indoor unit operates independently with its own thermostat, so the units can be used individually or in combination for focused, zoned heating or cooling.
  • Better efficiency: Air and energy loss are practically eliminated in a mini-split system, so the unit is more efficient than a full-size heat pump. In central air systems, the ductwork can account for significant and expensive losses of energy from loose, missing or damaged duct sections. Since mini splits do not rely on ducts for air distribution, there is no chance of air and energy loss from that network of pipes. Ductless mini splits also allow you to put heating and cooling exactly where you want it without the need to condition locations in your house that don’t need to be cooled or warmed. In general, dustless mini splits work better and at a lower overall cost.

A trusted source of professional heating and air conditioning services for over 40 years, NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating serves Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Indian River counties. Contact us today for more information on ductless mini splits and their significant advantages and conveniences.