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Electrostatic air filters have become a popular substitute for traditional fiberglass filters, even though they cost significantly more. They are generally framed in sturdy aluminum, and since they can be washed and cleaned, they’re often guaranteed by manufacturers for long periods of time, even for life. But long life is only one of several appealing aspects of electrostatic air filters.

How Electrostatic Filters Work

An electrostatic filter has major technological differences from the more traditional fiberglass filter. Thin aluminum grates configured in a kind of chain-link pattern cover five or more layers of woven polypropylene and polyurethane sheets. With the aluminum framing, they help to lend form to the overall structure of the layered sheets. The key part of this arrangement is that the layers of polyurethane and polypropylene are electrically charged in alternating layers to opposite polarities.

This means that when air particles pass through the magnetized layers, they take on the polarity of the first layer, then are attracted to and become trapped by the next layer, which is oppositely charged. In total, almost 100 percent of all particles in the air are extracted. In this way, all the nasty things that would otherwise invade the breathing air in your home become trapped on one of the surfaces of the electrostatic air filter until it is cleaned.

Why You Might Want Them in Your Home

Electrostatic filters are well worth the extra money they cost because they are so efficient at extracting airborne particles and providing much cleaner air to inhabitants of a home. The impact of that extra cost is also minimized because electrostatic filters are reusable – all it takes is spraying them with the hose, letting them dry, and placing them back in service.

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