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Even in the Sunshine State, cold weather can descend and cause trouble for those that are unprepared. This goes doubly for owner’s of vacant houses, since no one is present to catch problems before they get out of hand. By implementing these simple winterization tips for vacant homes one step at a time, you can prevent issues from arising.

It’s All About the Plumbing

Power drain from unattended appliances and door security aside, winterization tips for vacant homes revolve around the plumbing. Pipes can freeze and burst, leading to water damage from flooding and a need to replace expensive fixtures. To avoid this, keep water above the freezing point. It also needs to move constantly in cold weather to prevent damage.

Walk the House

Before locking up, walk around the interior of your home and seek out exposed plumbing. Make sure to check insulation wraps and that pipes are properly protected. If there’s a section that’s loose or simply missing, replace the insulation to protect against lowered temperatures.

Keep the Heat On

Your thermostat doesn’t need to be left on a comfort level setting, but leaving the heat on a low temperature can help keep your home warm in case of a cold snap. After all, a small heating bill for peace-of-mind is easier to pay than a plumbing repair bill.

Think of Your Bathrooms

For bathroom fixtures with standing water, such as a toilet with an attached tank, place a cup of anti-freeze in both the bowl and reservoir. This will help stop a drastic freeze. Just be sure to leave a note in case a visitor’s pet might need a drink of water.

For more expert advice on winterization tips for vacant homes, please contact your neighborhood HVAC professional at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been serving our Florida community with friendly, reliable services since 1973.