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If you’re installing a new heating system in your Martin County home, or are upgrading your current system, you should investigate the benefits of a zoned heating system. Unlike traditional heating systems, which are designed to control the temperature of your home as a single unit, zoned systems offer more control over your comfort.

How Zoned Heating Systems Work

Most zoned heating systems are hydronic, which means they heat water and use it as a medium to transfer heat into other rooms, through radiant floor systems, radiators or baseboards. An electronically-actuated valve is used to increase or decrease the flow of heated water into a particular zone, according to the thermostat setting for that zone. There can be as few as two zones, one for the living areas and one for bedrooms, or multiple zones, which can let you control many areas of your home individually. By cycling cool water during the summer, some hydronic systems can also be used for cooling.

Some forced air systems offer zoning, as well. In such systems, a master control panel is used to open or close electronically-controlled dampers in the duct system, allowing the volume of air delivered to each zone to be customized according to that zone’s thermostat settings. With central air conditioning, these systems can also be used for zoned cooling.

Benefits of Zoned Heating Systems

By controlling the temperature in different zones individually, you can increase your comfort and lower your energy usage. For example, you can keep your main living areas warm, while they’re occupied during the day, then reduce the temperature of your living areas and increase the temperature of your bedrooms when you’re ready to sleep.

In multiple-zone systems, you can individually set the temperature for each bedroom and cater to a variety of preferences. This way, you can avoid wasting energy by reducing the heat in less frequently-used spaces.

For more information about zoned heating systems, talk to our heating experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We serve Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River County.