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If your energy bills are higher than normal, and your HVAC system is running loudly, it may be a good time to check your HVAC system’s air filter. This simple task can yield tremendous awards, including better indoor air quality, greater home comfort and more efficient HVAC performance.

Better Energy Efficiency

All forced-air HVAC systems need unrestricted airflow through the blower to reach maximum efficiency. Heat pump and A/C coils use airflow to transfer heat energy in both cool and heat modes. If the coils are dirty, heat exchange suffers and the systems must work longer to reach and maintain the thermostat’s temperature.

Better Comfort

A dirty HVAC filter restricts airflow through your return ducts. Reduced airflow causes a drastic pressure drop across the blower, resulting in air pressure imbalances in your home. Rooms near your HVAC system may maintain somewhat comfortable temperatures, but occupants in more distant rooms from the heat pump or A/C will suffer greater comfort issues.

Improved IAQ

When you see a dirty, clogged air filter, aren’t you relieved those contaminants aren’t actually in your living space? To truly improve IAQ, a high-efficiency HVAC air filter is needed. Low-quality disposable fiberglass filters barely capture larger dust and debris particles from household airflow. Take your filter measurements to your home store, and look for a filter that captures microorganisms, bacteria and dust mite parts.

Protect HVAC System

Finally, the most important reason why HVAC air filters were invented is to protect your HVAC system. Contaminant bypass of a clogged or poorly-fit filter can collect on HVAC components and cause damage and reduce efficiency. Dirt and debris accumulation can seize a blower motor, cause your A/C compressor to fail and contaminate your air ducts. If you use a furnace for heating, the high-limit switch is at risk of failure with restricted airflow, while other components are affected by quick-cycling.

If you have more questions regarding HVAC air filter changes in your Indian River County home, please contact NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.