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The summer months are beautiful and delightful, but can also be hot, humid, and muggy, especially on the southern Florida coast. If you’ve tried to cool off by staying home and having your A/C unit on at maximum flow, you probably realized that you are pushing it to do more than it should. Keeping your A/C on at full throttle will slowly deteriorate it. To help the A/C perform better in your home, follow these few tips.

  • Check to see what other appliances you have on. If your A/C unit is on, in addition to your stove, your dryer, or any other electrical appliance, you are creating more heat in your home. A/C units are constantly pulling out heat to try and keep your home cool, but if more appliances are on than necessary, you’re making your unit work harder than it should. Turn off what you are not using and save more energy.
  • Maintain your A/C unit. Does the filter need to be changed? Is the refrigerant leaking? It’s important to make sure your unit is maintained and to check for signs of internal damage or repair.
  • Know how old your unit is. Age has an impact on everything and your A/C unit is not an exception. New HVAC technology has made systems that are more efficient. Know when it’s time to change to a newer unit.

Following these tips will help the A/C in your home perform better and might help you to save more energy, a plus for the environment and your wallet. For other maintenance and energy-saving tips, contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating, a family-owned business serving the Martin, Palm Beach, and Indian River counties.