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The holidays are approaching, and you may already be thinking about how you’re going to decorate the house. Lights, trees, ornaments and yard decorations are only the beginning. One of the challenges is making sure you don’t drive your energy costs through the roof as a result.

Here are a few ways to enjoy energy savings during the holidays. Many of them are things you may not have thought about:

Go LED – If you’re thinking about getting new Christmas lights this year, pick up the LED strands instead of regular ones. They use 90 percent less electricity than your old ones.

Go fiber optic – When you decide to replace your Christmas tree or upgrade your decorations, go fiber optic. With one single light bulb, you get the glow of a hundred lights. That’s instant energy savings.

Use a timer on your lights – Don’t turn the lights on until the sun goes down and make sure you turn them off before bedtime. A timer makes this easy.

Candles require no energy – Use candles as decorations along your walkway or in the house. With no electricity required, you still get a beautiful glow for the holidays. Just don’t leave them untended.

Choose gifts that require no batteries or electricity – Forty percent of all batteries are sold during the holidays. Going low-tech will cut your energy usage.

Look for the Energy Star label on energy-using gifts – When you decide to gift electronics and appliances, go with Energy Star labeled ones to keep energy usage down.

If you want to get more energy savings for the entire year, contact us here at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been proudly serving St. Lucie, Martin and Indian River counties since 1973. Give us a call today.