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Taking advantages of the latest smart home technology can bring big benefits like enhanced comfort and convenience. Many of the innovative products like the following can also generate smart home savings on energy, so you’ll pay lower utility bills too.


Programmable thermostats used to be the gold standard for energy-saving HVAC controls, but they only work within the parameters you enter. Today’s smart thermostats actually learn your energy consumption habits, and then refine them to maximize your savings. The thermostat senses your family’s heating and cooling preferences, and makes matching HVAC output adjustments. It also knows which rooms are occupied, by how many people, and when there’s no one at home.

Major Appliances

Today’s smart appliances can help with meal preparation, complete your grocery list remotely, and make laundry chores less onerous. They can communicate with you via your smartphone to trim your energy usage. If you mistakenly leave the oven on, your appliance can notify you instantly. If the fridge door is ajar, or airflow in the dryer drops because the lint trap is clogged, you’ll receive an instant alert. Your clever appliances even know when they’re not needed and automatically switch to energy-saving mode.

Window Coverings

Until recently, the only way to prevent costly heat gain through your home’s windows was closing the blinds and drapes. Today, you can opt for intelligent window film you control from your favorite device. It can turn opaque for privacy, or vary the degree of tint to selectively block UV rays and control heat gain.


If you want the ability to turn off lights to save energy, now you can control all your lighting from your smartphone by installed Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs in your home’s fixtures. Via the app, you can also set your lighting preferences, like having some lights already on when you awake, shutting them all off when you leave home, or having selected ones dim at certain times of the day.

To learn more ways to enjoy smart home savings in your Martin, Palm Beach or Indian River County home, contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.