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If you need a way of keeping your house warm in winter and cool in summer, a heat pump could be the solution you’re looking for. Air-source heat pumps, the most popular variety, work by transferring heat energy between the inside and outside of your home, with heat being removed from the inside air for cooling and extracted from the outside air and brought inside for heating. Like A/Cs, they use refrigerant to accomplish this process. Heat pumps, however, have a distinct advantage over both A/Cs and furnaces – they can supply both efficient heating and cooling, and saving energy costs while they’re at it.

So how long should an air-source heat pump last? Most of them are designed to last 15 years, as long as they received annual maintenance. The time span can be extended, however, in areas where you’re not using the system year round. A geothermal heat pump system, meanwhile, can last 20 years or longer, since there’s no outside compressor unit that’s exposed to the elements.

Do-it-yourself maintenance on your heat pump is also essential, so follow the simple steps below to ensure your heat pump has a long life:

  • Make sure you clean and replace the air filter regularly.
  • Keep the coils in both the inside and outside units clean.
  • Allowing plant growth near the outside compressor/condenser unit can block necessary airflow to the coils, so make sure there’s a clear space extending 18 inches all around the outdoor unit.
  • Keep the fins on the outside unit clean.
  • If ice builds up on the outside unit and doesn’t disappear quickly, call in a professional.

If you think that you’re ready for a modern heat pump that will provide reliable heating and cooling for many years, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. Our expertise in Palm Beach, Martin and Indian River counties can help you stay comfortable while saving energy.