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Developed in the 1970s, ductless mini splits are more popular than ever, and they have rightly earned a reputation for providing perfect, yet practical air conditioning when other systems fall short. If you are looking for a cooling and heating solution for your Palm Beach home, the more you know about ductless mini split systems, the more you’re going to love them.

Ductless Cooling and Heating Solutions

Like many Palm Beach homeowners, you’re probably familiar with central air systems, with a large outdoor unit that sits by your home and an indoor air handler that sends cooled and heated airflow to your home via ductwork.

A ductless mini split uses the same efficient refrigeration principles as your central air system, but ductless units are substantially more compact and versatile. Following are the benefits you should know about if you choose to go ductless:

  • Installation: Unlike the cumbersome task of extending ducts, installing a ductless system typically takes only half a day.
  • Low-profile design: One of the attractive features of ductless systems is their low-profile design. The indoor AHU is typically mounted high on a wall or recessed into the ceiling. The outdoor unit may be located as far as 200 feet from the AHU, which gives you great versatility for choosing the right spot.
  • Efficiency: Using inverter-driven technology, high-efficiency refrigerant, and hi-tech sensors, ductless systems are exceptionally energy efficient.
  • Comfort: Ductless systems cool or heat a specific zone (i.e. a room or area) within one degree of your temperature setting. Ductless units also help lower humidity levels in their zone.
  • Air cleaning: Choose a ductless system with a three-phase filtration system that performs as well as leading air cleaners.
  • Quiet: Ductless units are much quieter than conventional central air systems.
  • Expandable: You may connect more than one AHU to the outside unit. This gives you the option to expand your ductless configuration. Once you experience the efficiency and comfort, you’ll certainly want to!

To find out if a ductless mini split is the answer to your home comfort needs, contact the experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating today!