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Split-system heat pumps and air conditioners have an outdoor component, the condensing unit. Increasingly, thieves have been targeting the outdoor heat pump and A/C unit for the substantial amount of copper it contains, mainly in the condensing coils.

If you’re concerned about the potential theft of your outdoor heat pump or A/C unit, there are a number of options available to protect it. One of the easiest precautions is making the outdoor unit less conspicuous so that thieves will be less likely to notice you have one. You’ll want to be careful, though, because hiding the outdoor unit might also give thieves more cover when they’re stealing or dismantling it.

Another option is to make the outdoor unit tougher to access. This can be accomplished with a locking protective cage that covers the unit. It’s important that the cage be made of tough steel and that the lock can’t easily be defeated. Anything that makes your outside unit more difficult to take is an effective deterrent.

If you have a home security system, it can be used to monitor your outdoor heat pump or A/C unit. Even though such a system can be a great help in catching any thieves, even a sign mentioning the presence of a security system will persuade most thieves to move on to easier pickings. A well-lighted area is another effective deterrent.

If you want additional help protecting your outdoor heat pump or A/C unit in Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie or Indian River county, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re proud to have been satisfying customers since 1973.