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Do you routinely deal with cold spots and inconsistent temperatures when cooling your home? There are various reasons why uneven cooling problems can occur, and an experienced HVAC knows how to diagnose the cause and offer solutions to bring you greater comfort house-wide.

Here are three common reasons why uneven cooling occurs and their solutions:

Improperly-Sized Equipment

If your heat pump or air conditioner isn’t sized correctly, you’re bound to have problems keeping the different areas of your home evenly cooled. Undersized equipment won’t have the capacity needed to effectively cool the entire space evenly and consistently. Oversized equipment will reach the temperature setting on the thermostat too quickly and shut off before the house is comfortably cool. To address these issues, a skilled HVAC professional will need to do a load calculation using Manual J and S to determine the correct capacity needed, so your equipment can be replaced.

Only One Thermostat

If you have a two-story or larger home and the HVAC system is controlled by one centrally-located thermostat, it can be difficult or impossible to achieve consistent comfort in second-story or far-away rooms. The best solution for this situation is installing a zoning system that divides the space into two (or more) distinct areas for cooling. This is done by adding motorized duct dampers and individual thermostats to create independent zones, and linking them to a central panel where you can set and control your desired comfort settings.

Ductwork and Air Distribution Issues

If your ductwork is in poor condition, there are flaws in the design, or airflow through your HVAC system is out of balance, you’ll endure inconsistent cooling. To solve such problems, your HVAC technician should first inspect the ductwork and fix any defects. Then, they’ll perform various tests to determine what’s needed to bring the system’s airflow into balance, which might include sealing/insulating the ducts, adding more return ducts, installing balancing dampers, or making adjustments to the blower speed.

For expert help solving uneven cooling issues in your Martin, Palm Beach or Indian River County home, contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.