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Summer is drawing to a close, and kids are heading off for school once again. This means a reduction in home energy use as the the house is empty for much of the day. Take advantage of the school year and utilize these energy savings tips to make the most of the change in seasons.

  • You’ll still have a bit of time for this first tip. Before Florida’s short heating season arrives, schedule pre-season maintenance on your furnace or heat pump. Unless you use your heat pump for heating as well as cooling, your heating system has been sitting there gathering dust for several months. Schedule a tune-up to make sure your system is ready to go.
  • Make sure you’re aware of the amount of energy that your family consumes. For example, when packing school lunches for the kids, don’t leave the fridge open while doing so. Grab all the ingredients in one shot and go.
  • Keep the home dark and reap major energy savings. By keeping your blinds closed while the kids are at school, your air conditioner has less home cooling to do, saving you money when the electric bill arrives. Once colder weather arrives, open up your curtains to take advantage of solar warmth in the afternoons.
  • Now that there’s fewer people at home during the day, turning up the air conditioner is a wise financial move. A good guideline to shoot for is a four-degree increase over what you’d normally have the air conditioner set at. Just a few degrees can make a big difference for your wallet. Once heating season arrives, just leave the heat off during the day if the house is empty. Use a programmable thermostat to return the temperature to your comfort level shortly before family members are expected to arrive home.
  • Another simple way to reap energy savings is to unplug anything that you aren’t using during the day. This includes TV’s, computers and even microwaves. Anything that doesn’t have to be plugged in shouldn’t be, since even devices that aren’t in use can still suck power.

Please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating if you’d like to know more about energy savings or related topics for your Treasure Coast home.