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Most air conditioners (A/Cs) are designed to withstand a lot of use, even in our long and intense South Florida summers, but once in a while minor issues still occur. The best way to prepare for common air conditioner problems is to understand their signs and what actions to take:

  • Leaky refrigerant. The refrigerant that runs through your A/C is vital to the heat-exchange process that’s fundamental to air conditioning. The level of refrigerant is very important, and having too much or too little will hurt the performance of your unit. Leaks need to be repaired by an HVAC professional, who will also correct the refrigerant charge.
  • Poor performance. If you notice that your home isn’t cooling as fast or as thoroughly as usual, it might be because of dirty A/C components. If you haven’t done any maintenance recently, check the coils and air filter for any buildup of dust, dirt or debris. A dirty filter not only degrades performance and efficiency, but can also lead to breakdowns in the air handler or compressor.
  • Room A/C behaving erratically. Room A/Cs are different from whole-house systems in that they have their own thermostat sensor. If this sensor is nudged from its intended location, which is near but not touching the coil, it can confuse your A/C and cause it to turn on and off at the wrong times.
  • Water leaks or lack of drainage. A common problem is blockage in the condensate drain, which can lead to excess humidity, mold and mildew growth and water damage. It can easily be cleaned to address the problem. Further problems may indicate an issue with your A/C’s installation.
  • Controls malfunctioning. If your A/C is oversized or corrosion develops on terminals and wires, your fan and compressor controls may turn on and off too often. This can cause them to fail eventually. Professional service visits often include a check for these issues.

For help with these common air conditioner problems in your Martin County area home, contact NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.