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When sunshine beams through your home’s windows, it creates heat gain in your home, at the same time increasing its cooling load. Home heat gain reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of your cooling system and costs you extra money on your monthly utility bills. Here are some ways that window treatments and related heat-blockers can reduce home heat gain and help keep your A/C bills under control.

  • Window treatments and films: Window treatments and films are coverings that reflect or block sunshine, preventing this natural source of additional heat from getting into your home. These coverings are applied directly to windows.
  • Window shades: The traditional roll-type shade that is pulled down to cover the window can block a significant amount of sunshine and heat. Use shades with two tones, one a lighter reflective side facing the window and the other a darker heat-absorbing shade facing inward toward your living areas.
  • Interior window blinds: Standard slat-type window blinds are useful in blocking or letting in sunlight as you desire it. Heat gain can be reduced by up to 45 percent by closing window blinds completely.
  • Drapes and curtains: Close drapes and curtains as often as possible during the day to block out sunshine and heat. Pay particular attention to windows that let in a lot of sunlight. Using medium-colored drapes with a white background can reduce heat gain by about a third.
  • Awnings: Awnings are built on the outside of your home and above the windows, where they provide cooling shade and prevent sunshine from getting through windows and into your home. Build or install awnings on south-facing windows to cut gain but as much as 65 percent. Putting an awning above west-facing windows can reduce heat gain by 75 percent.

Forty years of experience in the HVAC business makes NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating one of the leading cooling and heating companies in Florida. Contact us today for more information on reducing home heat gain and how reducing it can lower your cooling bills and let you save money over the long term.