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If you have been shopping for an HVAC system, you may have simply assumed that you need a traditional furnace and air conditioner. But solar-powered cooling and heating systems have become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially in mild winter climates like Florida. A solar-ready HVAC system may be exactly what you need to save the most money on your energy bills. Here are just a few of the benefits of a solar HVAC system.

It begins saving you money, right out of the box. The central components of a solar HVAC system are a solar-ready heat pump and solar-ready air-conditioner. Even without any solar panels installed on the house, these units are much more efficient than the average appliance that isn’t solar-ready. As a result, these systems can be connected to a traditional electrical grid and begin reducing energy bills from the first moment they’re connected.

When solar panels are connected to the HVAC equipment, the savings are even greater. These solar panels can be added one at a time or all at once. The more panels that are added, the more the savings increase.

Solar panels can be used to operate other devices in the home. Although the primary benefit of a solar HVAC system is to save you money on cooling and heating costs, the solar panels can also be used to operate other devices when the HVAC system is not running at the moment. This further reduces energy costs.

You may be entitled to a credit. Most electric utility companies operate by the “net-metering” system. Under this system, a household gets credit for electricity that it supplies to the electrical grid and gets charged only for the net amount that it uses over what it supplies. This makes it possible for some users of solar power to actually gain a credit on their electric bill, to be used in other months. In addition, a qualified solar system may leverage a generous federal tax credit, as well as state and local incentives.

For more information about solar power or other home comfort issues, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been serving the Treasure Coast since 1973.