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Your ductwork delivers cooled or heated air to all rooms in your house, ensuring comfort during different weather conditions. If it gets old and worn out, it can cause a number of problems such as air leakage, inconsistent temperatures, poor indoor air quality and increase in your energy bills. Therefore, timely replacement of your ductwork is very beneficial. Look for these signs that indicate the need for replacement.

Old Age

Seams, joints and seals in air ducts start deteriorating after about 10 years. If your ducts have lasted 10 years or longer, it’s time you start considering replacing them.

Cracks and Tears

Tears, cracks or holes will allow air to leak from your ducts. Inspect your ducts in areas where they are exposed, such as the attic and crawl space. Look for cracks, tears, holes, disconnected joints, eroded duct tape and streaks of dust emanating from the duct seams.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

Inspect airflow in each room. If you notice any temperature variations, your air ducts may be to blame. Air leaks in ducts and thermal loss due to deteriorated duct insulation may cause uneven temperatures in your home.

Constantly Dusty Home

Does your home always seem very dusty, or do you have to replace your air filter more frequently than usual? These could be signs of leaky ducts. Leaks allow dirt and dust to get into your home’s air. They can damage your HVAC system and trigger allergic reactions.

Have Your Ducts Tested

The best way to determine whether you should replace your ductwork is through a duct blower test performed by a licensed, certified HVAC contractor. This definitive test shows how well your ducts are working and measures the amount of leakage that takes place through them.

These tips will help you solve the duct cleaning vs. replacement dilemma. For more information on replacing your ductwork, contact NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve provided top-notch HVAC services for homeowners in Indian River, Palm Beach and Martin counties since 1973.