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Programmable thermostats are an effective way to control cooling and heating in your Florida home. They allow homeowners to schedule energy-saving temperature changes to fit their daily and weekly schedules, and thus reduce energy bills. During our long cooling season, you can program your A/C to boost cooling just before you return home from work all day. However, these thermostats do malfunction from time to time. By knowing what’s wrong with your programmable thermostat, you can determine whether to replace it or not.

  • The batteries: Some programmable thermostats run on batteries and others are wired into the HVAC system. Should yours run on batteries, check that the batteries are not dead and replace them if they are.
  • Check the fuse: A fuse controls the power levels of the programmable thermostat. The filament inside the fuse will separate once an overload of power goes through it. Replace the fuse if the filament has separated with the exact same fuse.
  • Test opposite systems: If the thermostat is not properly controlling your air conditioning, switch it to the heat mode. Change the temperature up and down to see if the thermostat is following its program. If the equipment kicks on, you know the thermostat is not the problem. Call your trusted HVAC contractor to check your whole cooling and heating system and address and repair any issues.
  • Digital display issues: If the digital display fails, make sure the thermostat is fastened properly against the wall plate. If not securely attached, the digital connections will short out. Also, look for a flipped switch in the circuit box.

For expert advice about programmable thermostats and other issues related to home comfort, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We have been serving the Treasure Coast since 1973.