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Improving A/C efficiency and saving energy dollars is not as hard as you might think. There are a few big things and a host of smaller things that can be done to ensure you’re saving money on home energy during Florida’s long cooling season.

Inspect Your Windows

Even if you have energy-efficient double-pane windows in your home, you could be losing a lot of energy around the windows. In the summer, energy-efficient windows should be combined with the right type of indoor and outdoor protection from the sun’s heat. On the outside angled shutters can be added. Another helpful exterior addition would be some type of tall foliage. On the inside, well-insulated blinds can help keep the cool in and keep the heat out, and vice-versa on chilly winter nights.

Don’t Heat Up the House

Another step to improving A/C efficiency and saving energy dollars is to avoid cooking during the hottest part of the day, or using the dryer then, as well. These appliances add heat to your indoor environment, and then your A/C then has to work harder.

Air Movement and Ventilation

The air conditioners that we have grown to love were rare back in the old days. Usually, a fan was the only source of cooling. Fans are great for today, too! Ceiling fans and box fans are great methods for helping to circulate conditioned air, and when they’re blowing on you, they provide a cooling wind-chill effect. This helps in improving A/C efficiency and saving energy dollars.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are excellent for improving A/C efficiency and saving energy dollars. You can set energy-saving temperature changes based on your daily and weekly schedule, and avoid situations where you’re cooling or heating an empty house. Some programmable thermostats also have a “circulate air” feature that allows the fan to circulate the air through your home even when the A/C isn’t running. This keeps the air conditioning from running as often and improves indoor air quality at the same time.

Energy Audit

The best way of improving A/C efficiency and saving energy dollars is to have an energy audit performed on your home. This audit will point out air leakage and insulation lapses in your South Florida home, a necessary step before you can address these energy-wasting problems.

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