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Many states have retrofitting programs which offer incentives and rebates to homeowners who choose to update the energy efficiency of their homes. The goal is to help the home act as a single system which operates efficiently, healthfully, safely and comfortably. An ideal time to do this is when putting an addition onto your home – adding to your existing system to extend its use is the perfect excuse to improve upon what’s already there.

An energy audit can best show you the areas in which your home’s efficiency is being affected, and give you a idea of the updates that can be made to improve existing systems.

Here are common areas to consider when retrofitting your HVAC system:

Updating Your Refrigerant

While freon used to be the go-to standard in refrigerants, it’s now being phased out in favor of alternatives. Depending on the equipment currently in place in your home, new lines may be required. An HVAC technician can determine the best approach based upon your system.

New System Components

The use of new or remanufactured parts in existing systems can help extend the life of these systems. Retrofitting your HVAC system with these new parts can help avoid the cost of installing a new system.

Air Delivery

Repair and replacement of ductwork pieces is possible, along with vents and registers, if any damage or mold is present. This is much easier and more cost-efficient than replacing all of the home’s ducts and other equipment.

Upgrading Systems

Sometimes an existing HVAC system is so old, it would be better to upgrade to a modern system. Today’s systems are designed to operate much more efficiently than those of even 10 years ago, and there are situations in which even new system components won’t help an older HVAC system work as efficiently as a new one. Your HVAC professional will best be able to offer guidance on this point.

Let our professionals at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating help you through retrofitting your HVAC system. We’ve been serving Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River Counties since 1973.