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Your central HVAC system’s air filter performs two important roles: it cleans your air, improving your indoor air quality, and it prevents dust and other debris from making it inside your furnace and air conditioner. But when it gets clogged, it can cause a lot of problems – in fact, a clogged filter causes system strain that’s a leading cause of furnace failure. Here are a few ways that you can remember to change your air filter every month:

  • Know why the filter needs to be clear. When it’s clogged, it slows airflow through your entire home’s duct system. So if you notice that the air coming from your registers is sluggish, make your air filters the first thing you check.
  • Keep new air filters somewhere conspicuous – like a laundry room or often-checked utility shelf. If the filters are hidden away, they can fall out of sight and out of mind. And if they’re a hassle to get to, you might put of replacing them for a day, and then another day, and then forget entirely. Instead, keep them accessible, and visible.
  • Write replacement dates on the filters themselves. If it’s April, for example, and you see a filter with April written on the side, you’ll know it’s time to swap the filter out.
  • Add a note to your calendar. Whether you use a paper calendar or a computer calendar, add a note to remind yourself to change the filter. On a computer, it’s easy to set up recurring reminders, so new notes will be added each month.
  • Piggyback your filter change onto other maintenance tasks. If there’s any work you do around the house once a month, get in the habit of changing your filter right before or after that. Combining your habits makes it much easier to remember them all.

NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating is pleased to help our Florida neighbors keep comfortable year-round. If you have any questions about air filter replacement, give us a call!