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There are a variety of ways that smartphone applications can make your life easier. Now they extend to your home thermostat as well. A relatively new device called a WiFi thermostat can connect via your home wireless network directly to your smartphone remotely, essentially turning your phone into a remote control for your thermostat, and giving you the power to control the temperature from anywhere in the house, or indeed anywhere where you can use your phone. Here are a few other perks that a WiFi thermostat can offer to make your everyday life simpler:

  • Since the thermostat can connect to the Internet, some WiFi thermostat models will automatically find weather information for the next few days, and adjust their own settings accordingly.
  • Most models come preprogrammed with a temperature schedule created around saving you energy and money, and many you can program manually to fit your schedule.
  • Some WiFi thermostats can “learn” your temperature setting habits, and once they learn them, will adjust the temperature independently.
  • With motion sensors installed throughout your house, some WiFi thermostats can recognize when the house is vacated for a duration of time, and set the thermostat to Auto-Away mode, which is more energy and cost efficient.
  • For even more ease and comfort, multiple WiFi thermostats can be installed throughout your house in a zoning system, allowing each room to be regulated individually.

Of course, not all WiFi thermostats are created equally. Some are higher quality and have more sophisticated features than others, and the costs and ease of installation also may vary greatly. For more information about a WiFi thermostat for your Palm Beach area home, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.