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No matter what kind of thermostat you have, eventually yours will malfunction and you will need to practice thermostat troubleshooting. Sometimes the fix is quite simple, so before you run out and buy a replacement, give it a shot and see if you can correct the problem.

Here are some tips for thermostat troubleshooting:

Check the Temperature

If the temperature in the house seems off from what is set on the thermostat, you can test to see if the room temperature sensor is working by using a digital thermometer to check the temperature. If there’s a discrepancy it indicates a bad thermostat sensor. Sensors can be replaced, but it’s usually simpler to replace the unit.

Check the Calibration

You can reset the calibration on digital thermostats if you think they’re off so that set points and room sensors are brought into balance. You can refer to the instruction manual, since all thermostats are made differently, to find how to do it. Sometimes, if the manual is missing, you can call the manufacturer and speak to a service technician who will walk you through it.

Check the Power Source

Always find out if the power is on. Check the breaker, and flip it if need be. Otherwise, check the fuse or battery, and change them as needed. If your thermostat is wired, check the wires for looseness or fraying and replace or tighten the connections.

Clean It Off

Believe it or not, your thermostat can malfunction if it’s dirty. Check it for dust, dirt or pet hair, using compressed air to clean it. Cigarette smoke can also gum up a thermostat with sticky nicotine residue. Use a soft, clean (dry) brush to carefully clean the inside. Turn the power off before you clean it.

Assess the Location

Sometimes a thermostat is in the wrong location and may be affected by sunlight or other heating and cooling sources. You may need to move the thermostat for it to work properly.

For more on thermostat troubleshooting, contact NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We serve Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties.