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You should be concerned about sizing ducts in your home when installing a new HVAC system. Ducts deliver the air that’s conditioned by your A/C, heat pump or furnace, so it’s essential that they’re sized correctly. With proper duct sizing comes the need for your HVAC technician to be well-versed in Manual D.

What is Manual D?

Sanctioned by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute), Manual D is a calculation intended to assist with the proper sizing of air ducts, among other elements. The use of Manual D ensures that your ducts are sized to maximize the efficiency of your cooling and heating system. In fact, Manual D is so effective that most residential building codes require adherence to it.

What happens if your ducts are not sized properly?

Your air ducts need to be sized precisely because incorrect sizing will prevent your ducts from properly distributing air throughout your home. This can cause rooms in your home to become too cold or too warm. This problem with distribution can negatively affect your energy usage by forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it actually needs to. Wrongly sized ducts can also be quite noisy, if a system is trying to force too much air through too-small ductwork.

For more expert advice about sizing ducts, or for any questions relating to home comfort, please contact the professionals at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. We have been serving the air conditioning needs of Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties since 1973.