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If you’re asked why you need bathroom exhaust fans, you’d probably answer “odor control.” However, if any of your bathrooms lack fans or the ones in place aren’t sized properly, installed correctly or working well, you can experience far more serious issues than just poor odor control:

  • Mold growth and structural decay. Here in Florida, excess indoor humidity can quickly lead to unhealthy mold growth. It can also cause deterioration of your home’s drywall, paint, wood trim and structural components.
  • Loss of cooling efficiency. If your cooling system has to struggle against excess moisture in the air, its efficiency will decline and your cooling costs will increase.
  • Removing harmful chemical pollutants. The cleaning products used to eradicate bathroom germs can contain toxic chemicals that erode your home’s air quality.

Steps to Take for Ample Bathroom Ventilation

Here are some tips on how to make sure your bathroom fans are working effectively.

  • Check the capacity. Bathrooms can have one or more fans as long as they produce an adequate total of cubic feet per minute (CFM) in air movement. As a guide, average bathrooms need one CFM per square foot of size. Bathrooms bigger than 100 square feet need an extra 50 CFM per bathtub, shower or toilet, and 100 CFM for jetted tubs.
  • Vent fans directly outdoors. Fan ducting shouldn’t vent into unfinished areas like the attic where the extra humidity can cause unseen mold growth and structural decay.
  • Help fans operate efficiently. Locate fans directly over the shower stall or tub, and make sure there’s a half-inch undercut on the bathroom door to let ample replacement air in.
  • Make fans easy to use. Exhaust fans should run for 20 minutes after each bathroom use, and you can make this easy to do by investing in units equipped with an automatic start sensor, shut off timer, or humidity sensor that runs the fan automatically in response to air moisture levels.

To learn more about the importance of having bathroom exhaust fans in your Martin, Palm Beach or Indian River County home, contact us today at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.