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Considering a new or upgraded home comfort system for your house here in South Florida? If so, it’s likely that you want to increase your energy efficiency right along with your comfort. A variable-speed air handler will provide those benefits and more. It pays to make variable speeds part of your new system.

The air handler makes up part of the indoor component of your central air conditioner or heat pump. Its job is to circulate conditioned air throughout the duct system. Here’s some detail on the top three advantages of variable-speed air handlers:

  1. Greater home comfort: A variable-speed motor easily keeps temperatures consistent throughout the home at your desired level, without sudden blasts of cold air. The range of speeds used by a variable-speed air handler provides better humidity control in your home. Lower humidity makes you feel cooler and more comfortable. Better indoor air quality from lower humidity levels helps prevent unhealthy mold growth in the home. Dryer air can also help those with allergies or lung ailments to breathe easier. A variable-speed air handler’s near continuous operation also does a better job of circulating air in your home, preventing uncomfortable warm or cold spots.
  2. Energy efficiency and cost savings: These benefits come from the operating flexibility and better speed control of variable-speed operation. Without the option for variable speeds, your A/C is either “off” or on “high.” Frequent on-and-off cycling at high speed can be overkill, wasting energy and increasing your utility costs unnecessarily. More savings are possible with a variable-speed air handler’s previously mentioned excellent humidity control, making you feel cooler at a higher (and less expensive) temperature.
  3. Quiet operation: A variable-speed air handler offers a gradual, natural-feeling ramp-up to the needed air conditioner speed as opposed to noisy, sudden on-off cycling. Variable-speed units spend most of their time running on “low” which makes them quieter overall.

To learn more about variable-speed air handlers or other home comfort innovations, please contact the experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’re happy to advise you and explain options tailored to your specific home and family needs. We’ve been serving our communities’ cooling and heating needs for 40 years. Visit our website anytime or call us.