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One of the joys of living in South Florida is being able to enjoy the warm sun almost all year long, but that also means running your air conditioner for much of the year to keep your home cool. But why spend all your money cooling your home when you’re out enjoying the sun for so much of the time? With this helpful guide, you can create a more energy-efficient home by buying and installing a programmable thermostat. These handy devices allow you to program daily and weekly schedules for your cooling and heating systems. Once you have the program set, you can forget about it, while it saves you money on your energy bills.

Ask yourself a few key questions before buying a programmable thermostat:

  • What type of HVAC system do I have (one- or two-stage cooling or heating, direct line or zoned HVAC system)?
    • One-stage systems have separate heating and cooling units.
    • Two-stage or multi-stage systems have low and high speed settings.
    • Direct line systems are usually found in older homes.
    • Zoned systems have individual temperature control for designated zones within the home.
  • What type of programming features do I want or need (7-day programming, one week, 5-2 or 5-1-1)?
    • 7-day lets you program settings every day of the week.
    • One week lets you program a setting for the entire week.
    • 5-2 lets you program one setting during the workweek and another for the weekend.
    • 5-1-1 lets you program one setting during the week and then separate settings for each day of the weekend.

Another advantage of programmable thermostats is the advanced features they offer. These can range from digital display to remote programming to vacation mode and much more. By deciding what type of features you want or need before you buy a programmable thermostat, you are better equipped to make a more informed buying decision.

For more expert advice about buying a programmable thermostat and other HVAC-related questions, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been serving South Florida since 1973.