Celebrating 50 years this year-Thank you for your business & Trust in our Company

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Are you ready for the upcoming HVAC Tech Day on June 22nd? No matter where you live, all homeowners should be using this day to celebrate those unsung heroes known as contractors. You may be asking yourself why they deserve their own day, and as it turns out, the answer is quite simple:

They Keep HVAC Systems Running

No matter what season it is, the idea of our HVAC system suddenly shutting down is terrifying. Even in times of reasonable weather, a home can get rather uncomfortable very quickly. And when the temperature drops or raises dramatically depending on the season, it can be an absolute nightmare. Hiring a technician to service your system once a year, in addition to giving them a call as soon as any problem arises, can ensure that your family is comfortable all year round.

They Prolong the Life of Our Systems

As many homeowners are aware, heating and cooling equipment is built to last. A well-maintained unit will last more than 10 years, and a number of them can even get close to twice that in some cases. In order to maximize their operational life, though, your best bet is to call on a technician once a year, as suggested above, in order to have your system serviced. By running more smoothly and efficiency, these units will last much longer.

They Save Us Energy and Money

Let’s face it – energy is not cheap. Everyone reading this right now has been in a situation where they open the monthly utility bill only to discover that it’s double or maybe even triple the amount they were expecting. The great thing about HVAC technicians is that they can provide you with numerous ways to save energy and money by making simple changes or alterations in your daily routine.

For more reasons on why you should thank your technician on HVAC Tech Day, or for any other home comfort questions, please contact the friendly professionals at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve been serving the needs of Martin County, Palm Beach County, and Indian River County since 1973.