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Home indoor air quality is important to the health of you and your family. However, many homeowners simply don’t think about it too much until they find themselves sneezing or having what seems like an allergic reaction. While you can’t control the air outside, you can make sure the air you breathe inside your house is clean. Use these five tips to improve the quality of air inside your home.

  • Use an air cleaner with a HEPA filter to get rid of pollutants in your home like dust. Look for a model with a high percentage efficiency rate and a high air circulation rate, which is expressed in cubic feet per minute.
  • Consider installing a whole-home purification system. These cost more money, but they require less maintenance and filter all your home’s air.
  • Add a hood above your stove to get rid of gas that can build up from cooking. These types of vent fans can also help to remove chemicals in the air from things like cleaning products if you run them while you’re cleaning your stove and surrounding areas. Bathroom vent fans can be used the same way.
  • Open windows and doors when the air temperature outside is comfortable. It might seem obvious to allow fresh air in, but many heating and cooling systems don’t bring fresh air from outside into the home via mechanical means, relying on recycled air only. Don’t be afraid to open up those windows and doors on days when the weather is nice and the pollen count is low.
  • Use window fans or window air conditioners to bring fresh air from outside into your house. These types of units are particularly helpful in the spring and summer when nights are comfortable since they pull less energy than your central A/C system. You’ll save money, have quality air and be plenty comfortable while you sleep.

Contact NisAir Air Conditioning for information about improving home indoor air quality. We proudly serve St. Lucie County, Martin County and surrounding areas, and we look forward to helping you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs.