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A zoning system upgrade could reduce your cooling and heating bills by 30 percent or more. Just as importantly, zoning can keep you more comfortable. Typical temperatures around Martin and Palm Beach County may be warm, but rainy times of the year can still get chilly. You need an HVAC system that can meet your demands all year.

The standard cooling and heating system uses only one thermostat to regulate temperatures throughout the house. As a result, some rooms end up too hot while others are chilly.

A zoning system upgrade gives you more precise control over the temperatures in different parts or “zones” of your home. Zoning employs multiple programmable thermostats connected to a control panel. The thermostats monitor temperatures in different zones. Inside your HVAC ductwork is a system of dampers electronically controlled through the control panel. The dampers are opened or closed to direct conditioned air to the zone that needs it.

There are a number of reasons to consider a zoning system upgrade.

  • Multi-story homes – Because warm air rises, your upper floors likely overheat while your main floor isn’t warm enough. A zoned system lets you even out the temperatures.
  • Finished basements – Zoning helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your basement without overheating or over-cooling your main floors.
  • Geographic orientation – With a zoned system, you can better manage temperatures in south-facing rooms that tend to overheat and east-facing rooms that cool quickly due to the wind.
  • Building features – Features like large windows, solariums, lofts, and vaulted ceilings affect a room’s heating and cooling needs. The precision control a zoning system upgrade provides allows you to account for these features.
  • Lifestyle considerations – The way you use your rooms may call for better control over heating and cooling. For instance, you may want to condition your home office differently from the rest of the house. Other occupants likely have their own preferences, as well.

To find out more about how a zoned system could benefit your family or to get started upgrading your system, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. Throughout Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties, we help homeowners stay comfortable affordably.