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If you have ever pulled a glass from a dishwasher to find a dull white haze, scrubbed a ring around the sink or been forced to tackle tough deposits on a shower door with a lime remover, you have seen the damage hard water can cause. Have you ever considered the damage it does where you cannot see it? Inside the water heater, lime deposits and sediment build up along the walls and bottom, creating a number of problems. You may begin to see sediment in your tap water, pipes may clog or burst, or the tank may stop working altogether. The only way to avoid these expensive and inconvenient issues is to flush the sediment out periodically. The more minerals you find in the local water supply, the more frequently you need to go through the process.

The water in the southern half of Florida falls into the high hardness range, that is 200 to 400 parts per million. The means that the non-carbonate particulates in the water are particularly damaging to your water heater and pipes. Additionally, the sediment insulates the water from the heating element, making the heating element work harder to produce hot water. That energy drain costs you money on your monthly power bill. Manufacturer’s recommendations include an annual flush to maintain optimal performance and extend the service life of the appliance. Both traditional tanks and tankless water heaters require this maintenance.

Some homeowners may be comfortable taking care of this process on their own, but most are not. In St. Lucie and Martin Counties, the experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating are more than happy to take care of this for you. We will be happy to quote you a price, depending upon your system. We are confident that you will find the cost is far less than the price of ignoring the problem. When it is time to replace, NisAir can help with that as well. Contact us with all of your questions and concerns. We have been serving the area for more than 42 years.