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Your programmable thermostat is designed to save energy by reducing energy consumption when it isn’t needed. This can save you money year round. When resetting your thermostat this fall, consider these tips for energy savings.

Check the Position of Your Thermostat

Your thermostat needs to be in an area where it can accurately read the indoor temperature. Drafts, sunlight, heat sources and heating and cooling registers can all affect the readings of your thermostat. If the thermostat was installed in a bad area, have a contractor come out to install it elsewhere or take measures to protect the thermostat from heat and cold. Keep the thermostat out of sunlight by closing curtains or moving furniture to block the sunlight, eliminate drafts and close nearby vents.

Lower Temperature When You’re Away

Heating an empty house is a waste of money and energy. Reset your programmable thermostat to at least 10 degrees lower during the hours the home is unoccupied during the day or during a vacation. If you program it to bring the house back up to your preferred temperature a half hour before you arrive home, no one will know the difference – at least not until your energy bill arrives and you see the savings.

Many models allow you to program different temperatures for weekends, but see first if you can tolerate the same lowered temperature during the day as you have during the week. Many factors can make you feel warmer during those weekend days, such as doing house chores, wearing warmer clothing, or opening shades on southwest facing windows to let the afternoon sun warm a room.

Set Temperatures Lower at Night

Nighttime is another period during which you can save significantly by reducing heat. Experiment with setting the overnight temperature to the same low degree that you use when away from home. If everyone has sufficiently warm blankets and sleepwear, all should remain comfortable.

For more information about saving money with a programmable thermostat, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.