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A well-functioning HVAC system is essential for your home comfort, especially during our extended cooling seasons. If you want to keep yours in the best possible operating condition, you can make it easier to remember to schedule semi-annual tuneups by arranging a maintenance agreement with a trusted HVAC company.

Having a maintenance contract in place not only assures you of receiving timely reminders when your HVAC system needs service, but it can also have a number of beneficial effects on the equipment too:

  • Efficiency. Most homeowners don’t know that without regular HVAC care, their comfort equipment’s energy efficiency can drop by up to five percent every year, and this increases their annual operating costs. Having the system inspected, cleaned and tuned up twice a year under a maintenance contract can stop and sometimes even reverse that gradual loss of efficiency, which helps keep energy costs in check.
  • Reliability. Having your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis and correcting minor issues promptly increases the reliability of your equipment. This means it’s less likely to break down or fail at the height of the season when it’s under the greatest strain and you need it the most.
  • Repairs. While a technican performs an in-depth inspection during a maintenance visit, they can find and bring emerging issues to your attention. This gives you a chance to have problems fixed early on, but they develop further into a bigger problem that requires a more costly repair.
  • Lifespan. HVAC components are like any other type of mechanical equipment so they not only run more reliably when they’re properly maintained, they tend to last longer too. With regular preventive care and maintenance, your HVAC components are more likely to reach or exceed the average lifespan of similar equipment.
  • Warranty. If you have to file a claim under your manufacturer’s warranty because a component fails, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ve met the maintenance requirements.

To learn more about the benefits of a having a maintenance agreement, contact the Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River County home comfort pros at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.