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With the weather starting to change again in South Florida, now’s a good time to think about getting an energy evaluation completed on your home. An evaluation will help you assess your energy needs and offer solutions to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature while reducing your energy bills.

What Can You Expect From an Energy Evaluation?

A professional energy evaluation is a complete scientific examination of your home to look for any ways it’s wasting energy. Among other things, a typical evaluation will include:

  • A blower door test
  • A thermographic scan
A Blower Door Test

The purpose of a blower door test is to see where air may be entering your home without your knowledge. Before the test, it’s important to seal all the places where air normally comes in – doors, windows, flue vent, etc. Once all known access points are made airtight, a large fan and frame is fitted inside a main doorway. Turned on, the fan sucks from inside to the outside, lowering interior air pressure. The energy auditor then uses special tools to gauge how quickly the air pressure returns to normal. This will tell how badly your home is leaking air, and a thermographic scan can show where exactly the air is leaking.

A thermography scan

The thermography scan can be conducted at the same time as a blower door test, or it may be done by itself. The scanner is a camera that enables the human eye to see the infra-red spectrum. This allows your energy inspector to measure the surface temperature of different areas.This can be used to detect air leaks or areas where insulation is lacking.

Having an energy evaluation performed on your home will result in lower energy bills and improved comfort.

To benefit from a professional energy evaluation of your home, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We have been serving South Florida since 1973.