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Keeping your home cool during the hot summer months doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Below are some of the top tips for conserving energy and at the same time, managing indoor temperatures in your South Florida home.

Affordable ways to beat the summer heat

Programmable thermostats: A programmable thermostat is an ideal method of reducing your energy bills. It enables you to program in advance the temperature in your home according to your daily and weekly schedules. This allows you to set energy-saving higher temperatures for periods when you’re not at home or are sleeping.

Sunblockers: Direct sunlight through the windows accounts for about a fifth of the summer heat entering your home. Therefore, you could reduce this “solar gain” by installing sunblockers such as blinds, shades, curtains and awnings. You should draw the blinds during daylight hours, especially in the rooms that receive direct sunlight. Another option is to plant shade trees.

Cooler lights: Incandescent light bulbs increase the heat indoors. In addition, these bulbs consume more energy and lead to higher lighting costs. Compact fluorescent lights, which consume less energy and emit less heat, are an ideal replacement to incandescent light bulbs.

Repair leaky ducts: Leaky ducts reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. For optimal performance, the supply and return sides of your duct system should be in equilibrium. A leakage on either side of the ductwork creates an imbalance in the entire system, not to mention wasting conditioned air. Hire a HVAC pro to inspect your duct system, and carry out repairs if necessary.

Seal air leaks: Air leakage pathways, especially in your attic and exterior lights, allow hot outdoor air to infiltrate your home. This forces your A/C to work harder and increases humidity levels. Seal these leaks in order create a cozier and more energy efficient environment. Seal leaky windows and doors using weatherstripping. Seal other leakage pathways with expanding spray foam and caulk.

For more tips on conserving energy and keeping your home cool this summer, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. We provide quality HVAC services to Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties.