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There was a time when little or no thought was given to water usage, as neither cost nor environmental impact were of concern. Not so today; rising utility rates and heightened environmental awareness are on everyone’s mind, and home water conservation is becoming a common practice. Here are five ways use less water in your Martin County home.

  1. Catch some rain. A rain barrel placed strategically at the bottom of your downspout can aid your conservation efforts, by providing the water to irrigate your lawn and gardens. Kits are available and include the barrel, hose, screen and couplings.
  2. Be more demanding. An on-demand recirculation pump helps with home water conservation by delivering hot water to your taps instantly, eliminating the need to run the tap and wait. These high-pressure pumps quickly shuttle the hot water from the tank to your tap, and may be controlled by a thermostat, motion sensor, timer or push button.
  3. Increase your efficiency. When it comes time to replace your dish or clothes washer, choose a high-efficiency model. For a dishwasher, compare units according to the average water consumption per load, and look for extras like temperature control or load size. Front-loading clothes washers typically use less water; look for one with a cold-water-only option and other usage controls.
  4. Improve your flush. Save water and money by switching out the flush mechanism on your toilet to either dual or low flow. A dual-flush system can use less than a gallon of water for liquid waste and up to one and a half for solid waste compared to the old standard of between three and five gallons per flush.
  5. Upgrade your fixtures. Replace the faucets and showerheads in your kitchen and bathrooms to low-flow fixtures to save between one (showerheads) and two (faucets) gallons of water per minute.

For more effective home water conservation tips, call the experts at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. For more than 40 years, we’ve been working hard to earn our excellent reputation among homeowners in Indian River, Martin and Palm Beach counties.