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Preventive maintenance and care is integral to owning and operating a residential HVAC system. This extends the life of your air conditioner or heat pump, and ensures it works when it’s most needed. When heat and humidity roll into South Florida, no one wants to be without air conditioning. One sign of inadequate maintenance is the formation of ice on a heat pump or air conditioner during the summer months. If you find your air conditioner or heat pump iced in the summer, it’s time to take action.

An iced heat pump or A/C can have several causes. Some you can resolve yourself, whereas others require professional maintenance. When you notice ice during the summer, turn off the appliance. Inspect air filters and vents for blockage, and keep all windows closed and the thermostat set no lower than 70 degrees. In some cases, this is enough to get your system functioning properly. However, if ice still forms, you might have a more serious issue that needs professional care.

Professional maintenance on an iced A/C or heat pump is necessary to diagnose problems in your system, and/or when the issues require tools, skills and expertise of a HVAC professional. These issues range from faulty thermostats to bad motors and fans to low refrigerant charge. Other problems that might freeze a heat pump or A/C include a blocked capillary tube, a broken or worn fan belt, or a dirty blower wheel. To stop these problems before they start, experts recommend yearly check-ups from an HVAC professional.

Before you find your A/C or heat pump iced, there are measures to protect your system during all seasons. Most of this preventive maintenance and care is easy. Check the air filter monthly, replacing the filter when it gets dirty. Don’t let furniture block air returns and air supplies, and keep outdoor units free of grass, leaves and other debris. During the summer, the thermostat should be set no lower than 70 degrees, and when you’re running the A/C or heat pump, keep windows closed.

For expert advice about maintaining your cooling and heating system, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We’ve kept South Florida cool for more than 40 years.