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Are you ready to take a respite from your Palm Beach County home? Before you leave on summer vacation, you’ll want to set up a plan to protect your home, lower energy costs, and prevent you from coming home to a huge HVAC and household disaster. Here are some excellent plans and tips for what to do before you leave:

  • Keep the A/C on and the thermostat up. Programmable thermostats make this step really easy. Simply adjust your programming for 85 degrees during the days you plan on being gone, and set it back to your comfort temperature for the day before your planned return. If you only have manual thermostat, it’s still good to turn up the thermostat to reduce energy costs. Just plan on returning to an initially hot house. In any case, leaving an A/C on while you’re gone is important to keep indoor air circulating. This prevents temperature and humidity build-up that can have negative impacts on temperature-sensitive surfaces like wooden floors that are prone to heat expansion and buckling.
  • Inspect the sump pump. Florida is the worst for those sudden summer storms. Inspect your sump pump and ensure it is properly working to prevent you from coming home to a flooded basement situation.
  • Turn off the water main. Avoid minor leaks becoming major disasters with this simple step.
  • Get a soaker hose. If you want to keep your outdoor greens going, use a soaker hose on an automatic timer for consistent watering.
  • Unplug electronics. It’s a good idea to always unplug electronic devices when they’re not being used. This prevents them from becoming ‘energy vampires’ and sapping up costly electricity. Unplugging during summer vacation also helps prevent disasters caused by power surges.
  • Install room light timers. These handy devices will automatically turn on and off your home lights during set times of the night, making your home appear occupied and warding off would-be thieves.

For more tips on planning a summer vacation from your home, contact your local experts at NisAir Air Conditioning, serving Stuart, The Treasure Coast, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach.