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Finding the right HVAC contractor for your home can be a challenge. Not only will the contractor be working on or installing equipment that’s essential for home comfort, you’ll be inviting them inside your home where you want someone you can trust. There are three major red flags to look for when getting a quote for HVAC work that should instantly send you running:

1. “The low-ball” – You may see ads from HVAC contractors that offer heating and A/C work for a steal of a price. These prices are often touted as “tune-ups” or “check-ups,” but are riddled with extra hidden fees and unnecessary work that will quickly rack up charges way over that low-ball price. If you do get your tune-up or check-up for the low-ball price, you may not get the same quality and expertise that comes from a better trained and more knowledgeable technician.

2. “The 400-square-foot-per-ton rule of thumb” – This red flag is common today with questionable HVAC contractors. This rule of thumb states for every 400 square feet of living space, one ton of air conditioning capacity is needed. In a house with 1,200 square feet, this would mean that you need a three-ton air conditioning unit. But sizing HVAC equipment takes in many more factors than the size of the home alone. To accurately determine the right sized cooling or heating system for your home, a competent contractor will use the industry-standard “Manual J Engineering Load Calculation” to determine your home’s cooling or heating load. Only then can they determine the correct size for your system.

3. “Over the phone quotes” – Never accept a quote for installation of a cooling or heating system over the phone. To accurately judge the necessary system, the contractor needs to assess duct compatibility, your home’s energy efficiency, and the size and layout of the home, among other things. This can only be judged accurately with an in-home examination.

These red-flags are common in today’s HVAC contractor world, and can derail your home’s comfort in a flash. To get accurate estimates and proper service, trust in home quotes, accurately priced services, and correctly calculated system needs. For more information on what to watch out for, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve proudly served Martin, Palm Beach, St. Lucie and Indian River counties for 40 years.