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Although the decision whether or not to have an air conditioner in your Palm Beach home is an easy one to make, deciding what type of system is best requires some research. As is true with most things, when considering a ductless mini split, there are several pros and cons to think over.

To decide if this type of system is the best option for your South Florida home, it’s necessary to compare this type of system against both a central air system, as well as individual window units. Here are a few pros and cons of a ductless mini-split setup compared to other alternatives.

Pros Versus Central Air
  • Efficiency – A ductless system means cool air is not lost though attic ducts.
  • Installation – Central air units require ductwork throughout the home, making installation more labor intensive.
  • Flexibility – It’s much easier to set up temperature zones and control individual rooms with a mini-split system.
  • Expandability – A ductless mini-split system can be easily modified to encompass additional space.
Cons Versus Central Air
  • Appearance – Ductless mini splits require air handler units to be mounted indoors, which might be unappealing to some homeowners.
  • Noise – Though not a major factor, individual mini-split blowers in a room are usually noisier than a central air system.
  • Maintenance – Mini splits are less common than central air units and service options may be limited.
Pros Versus Window Units
  • Efficiency – Mini split systems are much more efficient and cheaper to operate.
  • Appearance – Mini-split systems are more pleasing to look at than an obtrusive window unit.
  • Noise – Though perhaps not as quiet as a central air system, ductless mini splits are considerably quieter than window units.
Cons Versus Window Units
  • Installation – Mini-split systems require professional HVAC installers.
  • Portability – Ductless mini splits are considered semi-permanent installations and require minor structural modifications.
  • Cost – A mini-split system will have considerably higher upfront costs in terms of equipment and labor.

Hopefully this comparison provides enough information to get you started. Now it’s time to contact NisAir Air Conditioning, and let our HVAC professionals answer your questions about ductless mini splits.