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When it comes to saving energy (and money) in your South Florida home, it’s not simply a matter of installing a high-efficiency HVAC system. It also requires a whole-house approach to energy savings – efficient, well-maintained heating and cooling equipment coupled with air sealing, proper insulation and ventilation, and smart energy use by home occupants.

Here’s a deeper look at each of these factors:

  • Energy-efficient equipment. New HVAC systems use energy far more efficiently than equipment manufactured even a decade ago. Technology has advanced right along with minimum energy-efficiency standards imposed by the federal government. When shopping for an HVAC system, talk to a reputable contractor about what efficiency level makes the most sense for your household and budget, as well as our South Florida climate.
  • Maintenance. Once you have a high-efficiency cooling and heating system in your home, commit to performing regular maintenance on the equipment to ensure it’s operating as intended. This means both do-it-yourself maintenance (changing air filters, keeping the condensate drain clear, allowing airflow to vents and registers, etc.) and professional maintenance. Ideally, your HVAC system should receive twice-yearly maintenance, before the cooling season and before the heating season.
  • Weatherization. Seal air leaks in the outer perimeter of the home and between the living spaces and attic. Use weatherstripping, caulk or spray foam depending on the type and size of the air leak. Insulation is just as important as air sealing, and you shouldn’t do one without doing the other. Proper attic insulation and ventilation is essential, especially here in South Florida where sun shining on a roof all day can heat the attic to unbearable temperatures. That heat eventually transfers into living spaces.
  • Smart energy habits. Take a variety of steps to achieve energy saving, including judicious use of your HVAC system (don’t force it to cool your home to 68 degrees on a 100-degree day), taking advantage of cool nights by opening windows, using a programmable thermostat, and more.

For more advice on energy savings in your Martin, Palm Beach or Indian River county home, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating.