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So you’ve learned about how a tankless water heater will save money on your energy bills, take up less space in your home, break down less often than a traditional water heater, and how it’s better for the environment, as well. You’ve looked at the options and chosen the best brand and size for your home and needs. Before you can have a professional install it for you, you’re going to have to figure out where to install it in your home.

Decide Where the Highest Demand is

In your home, there is a room where most of the hot water is going. For most families, that would be a bathroom – specifically, the bathroom in which the most showers or baths are taken. Usually this is the master bathroom, but your needs may be different. Once you decide where the hot water is most needed, discuss location options with the technician who will be installing the water heater. They will know the “rules” about proper installation.

Having the tankless water heater nearest the place where the hot water is needed the most not only assures that your hot water comes quickly to the faucet, but it also saves on water costs. After all, water is wasted when you turn on a faucet and wait for cold water to purge out of the system.

Installing Two Smaller Water Heaters

For larger homes, having smaller, tankless water heaters in two locations may be the most ideal solution. Many homeowners will install one on the ground floor to serve the kitchen and a bathroom on the lower floor, and then another on the second floor for the bathrooms upstairs. This option is viable for many households, since the compact size allows the water heaters to fit in smaller spaces, such as a utility closet.

For more information on the best place to install your tankless water heater, as well as expert information on home comfort, contact us today. NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating has been serving Martin, Palm Beach, and Indian River Counties in Florida since 1973.