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The best way to save on your utility bills is to strive for energy savings in every aspect of your home. Use this guide for help achieving whole-house energy efficiency.

Space Heating and Cooling
  • Set the thermostat to 78 degrees for cooling and 68 degrees for heating, and program setbacks while you’re away or sleeping.
  • Check the filter once a month and replace it as needed.
  • Open the drapes in the winter to let the sun naturally warm and light your home. Close them at night to insulate the windows.
  • Block direct sunlight in the summer with window coverings and strategic landscaping.
  • Only run exhaust fans when needed.
  • Run the ceiling fan in the summer to create cooling airflow at far greater energy efficiency than running the air conditioner by itself.
  • Replace standard incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  • Consider motion detectors or timers on certain lights.
  • Decorate with LED lights for Christmas.
Water Heating
  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Only run the dishwasher and washing machine with full loads.
  • Fix leaks as soon as you find them.
  • Install low-flow fixtures.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Turn the water heater temperature down to 120 degrees.
  • Insulate the water heater (if it didn’t come pre-insulated) and the first six feet of piping.
  • Set the water heater to vacation mode when you go on a trip.
Appliances and Electronics
  • Look for the Energy Star label when shopping for replacements.
  • Use the microwave or toaster oven to reheat food.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer full.
  • Avoid over-drying your clothes.
  • Plug electronics into a power strip so you can turn everything off with the flick of a switch.
  • Unplug power adapters and other electronics when not in use to prevent “energy vampires.”
  • Set your computer to go to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.
Windows and Insulation
  • Replace single-pane windows.
  • Add insulation to the attic.
  • Look into adding insulation to walls.
  • Seal air leaks around windows and doors.
  • Close the chimney damper.

For more energy efficiency tips, please contact us at NisAir Air Conditioning and Heating. We serve Martin, Palm Beach and Indian River counties.