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As a homeowner, you’re probably aware of how important it is to maintain healthy indoor air quality for you and your family – that’s why you invested in an electronic air cleaner in the first place! But did you know that when your electronic air cleaner doesn’t have proper maintenance, your air quality is in jeopardy?

Your air cleaner removes pollen, dust particles, smoke and other pollutants from your indoor air to improve your home health. While most standard furnaces and air conditioners only remove about 10 percent of particulates in your air, most electronic air cleaners remove 95 percent. To maintain the safety, energy efficiency and operating life of your air cleaner, you need to include its cleaning in your regular home maintenance schedule.

Cleaning the appliance’s collector plates will keep your electronic air cleaner at peak operating performance. Also, clogged collector plates will cause your central air fan to consume more energy by working harder. Cleaning the electronic air cleaner should be a routine maintenance task in your home.

Cleaning the Collector Plates

Cleaning the collector plates is simple – slide the collector plates out of your air cleaner unit. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, wash the plates and set them out to dry on a clean, soft surface. Once dry, wipe off any residue and replace the collector plates back in the unit.

Make a habit of scheduling cleaning of the collector plates monthly, or at least every three months. It doesn’t require any specialized tools, only takes about 30 minutes to perform, and is easy to do. The benefits of routine maintenance for your electronic air cleaner are many – it will keep the device operating more efficiently, will extend the life of the unit, will reduce problems with allergies and asthma, and will save you money in the long run.

For more information about electronic air cleaners, whole home purification systems, or general questions about improving the quality of your indoor air, contact the home comfort experts at NisAir Air Conditioning & Heating. Our experienced technicians have been serving St. Lucie, Palm Beach, Martin and Indian River Counties since 1973.